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Hants Suppliers

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United Kingdom suppliers
London (3416)
Essex (728)
Middlesex (585)
Surrey (568)
UK (526)
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Company Name Business Type Total No. Employees Year Established Annual Output Value


Paraffin Wax
United KingdomhantsSouthampton
11 - 50 People2004-

Baltic Group

Waste Management
United KingdomHantsStubbington
Other101 - 200 People--

Kirkpace limited

Rechargeable Batteries, Inverters, Chargers
United KingdomHantsRomsey
Manufacturer11 - 50 People--

Yohji Yamamoto Trainers

United KingdomHantsFarnborough
Trading CompanyFewer than 5 People--

J & C Worldwide Trade Ltd

Jewelery, Electronic Goods, Foods And Drinks, Import Service From China, Natural Health Care Products
United KingdomHantsSouthsea
Business Service (Transportation
5 - 10 People--

Yarobi Projects Limited

Procurement, Logistics, Manufacturers Representative, Project Management Consultants
United KingdomHantsSouthsea
Trading Company11 - 50 People--

Two M import/Exort

Relining ad fitting of Brake shoes, Hydraulic Hose from 1/4  
United KingdomHantsSouthampton
Agent5 - 10 People1989 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million


Wood doors with frame and fitted hinges  
United KingdomHantsGosport
Manufacturer11 - 50 People2005 Below US$1 Million

Nightglow Trading

Clp-300 Toner Kits, Video Cables, Stepdown Transformers, Other Cables, Toner Refill  
United KingdomHantsEastleigh
Distributor/Wholesaler--Below US$1 Million

Kenplas Ltd

Prime Resins, Recycled And Scrap  
United KingdomHantsLiss
Trading CompanyFewer than 5 People2003 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million


Mobile Phones, Telecommunications  
United KingdomHantsHook
Other5 - 10 People2005 Below US$1 Million

Foxifile Ltd

Stylfile, nail care  
United KingdomHantsSwarraton
OtherFewer than 5 People2005 Below US$1 Million

Top Floor Limited

Office Consumable,  
United KingdomHantsFerndown
Other51 - 100 People1989 US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Jarrold Publishing

Calendars, diaries and calendars  
United KingdomHantsAndover
Trading Company11 - 50 People--

Curvette Ltd

Mobilephones, GSM, Cellphone, Cell, Handset  
United KingdomHantsShipton Bellinger
Trading Company-1993 -

RPL Trading Ltd

Msg, Bamboo Shoots, Pineapple Pieces, Baby Corn, Straw Mushroom Poku Mushroom  
United KingdomHantsGosport
Trading Company
Above 1000 People2007 Below US$1 Million


Mobiles Phones  
United KingdomHantsPortsmouth
Distributor/Wholesaler51 - 100 People-Below US$1 Million

hkw enterprises

Wade world trade trained import/export agent seeking to represent buyers and sellers on a commission basis  
United KingdomHantsSway
OtherFewer than 5 People2005 Below US$1 Million

Logical Reclaim

Computer, Laptops, Server  
United KingdomHantsHavant
Trading Company11 - 50 People1985 Below US$1 Million


Electrical Appliances, Automobile, Household Appliances, Computing, Cleaning, Furnitures, DIY Tools  
United KingdomHantsSouthampton
OtherFewer than 5 People2006 Below US$1 Million

Parsa Ltd.

Audio Equipment, Dj Equipment, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Electronics  
United KingdomHantsPortsmouth
Government ministry/Bureau/Commission
5 - 10 People2005 -

Communication Specialists Ltd

Mobile Radio, Security Equipment, Computers  
United KingdomHantsHook
Distributor/Wholesaler11 - 50 People1989 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

Spray Booth, Paint Sales, Accident Repairs  
United KingdomHantsStockbridge
Trading CompanyFewer than 5 People2005 Below US$1 Million

Kew Computers Ltd

Semi-conductors, components
United KingdomHantsBordon
Trading Company11 - 50 People-US$5 Million - US$10 Million

MPL exports

Used quality cars and vehicles
United KingdomHantsWhiteley
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People--

Right PC Solutions

Excorporate Compaq, HP, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu Siemens, PII, PIII, P4 Computer Systems, Monitors, Keyboards Etc
United KingdomHantsBramley, Basingstoke
Trading Company5 - 10 People2003Below US$1 Million

ts group incorperating Tapflo and sychem chemicals

Manufacturesrs of full range of chemicals for machine based cleaning fluids and sanitizers and laundries.Supply of ind washing machines for labs, bakeries etc.Supplies of all ranges of pumps
United Kingdomhantscolden common
Manufacturer11 - 50 People-US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

Wayfinder Arrows Active Evacuation Systems

Fire Safety Products, Emergency Lighting, Security And Protection, Escape Signage, LED Lighting, Fire Protection, Fire, Fire Alarms, Avtive Evacuation, Fire Exit, Exit, Exit Sign, Fire Poncho, Protetive Clothing
United KingdomHantsEastleigh
Manufacturer51 - 100 People2006 US$5 Million - US$10 Million

Fairies, Handbags, Jewellery, Wooden Toys, Novelty Gifts, Bombay Duck
United KingdomHantsYateley
Distributor/WholesalerFewer than 5 People2007-


We sell MP3 players, And currently looking into selling digital cameras, dvd players and much more.
United KingdomHantsTadley
Trading Company5 - 10 People2002 -


Pet Bottle Flake
United KingdomHantsBrockenhurst
Trading Company5 - 10 People2001 -

Midaki UK Ltd

Ladies' handbags
United KingdomHantsFareham
Trading CompanyFewer than 5 People2003 Below US$1 Million

Wheels Wind & Water

Midi motos, pit bikes, mini dirt bikes
United KingdomHantsEmsworth
Trading CompanyFewer than 5 People2003 Below US$1 Million

MucaRey Wholesale Merchants Ltd

We are the sole United Kingdom importers of Beer Tirana. Albania.
United KingdomHantsGosport
Distributor/WholesalerFewer than 5 People2004Below US$1 Million

Inka Security Solutions

CCTV, Security, Electronics, Wireless, Wi-Fi
United KingdomHantsFarnborough
Distributor/Wholesaler5 - 10 People2004 Below US$1 Million

Simply Delightful Ltd

Jewellery. Belts, Handbags, hair accessories, costume jewellery
United KingdomHantsFarnborough
Distributor/WholesalerFewer than 5 People2004 Below US$1 Million

Cards For A Lifetime

Greeting Cards, Birth Cards, Anniversary Cards, Cards For Pets, Valentine Cards
United KingdomHantsShipton Belinger
OtherFewer than 5 People2007 Below US$1 Million

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