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Lanxi City Suppliers

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Company Name Business Type Total No. Employees Year Established Annual Output Value

Lanxi City Xindi Rubber Products Factory

chalk boards,whiteboards,magnetic boards,PS frame mouldings,whiteboard strip
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi city
Manufacturer101 - 200 People2013US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Lanxi Sanbo Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

pet clothing, pet beds, pet toys, pet harnesses
China (Mainland)Zhejianglanxi city
Manufacturer51 - 100 People2006US$50 Million - US$100 Million

Jinhua Weihai Food Co., Ltd.

Hahal Seasoning,Bouillon Cube,Bouillon Powder,Savory Flavory,Granulated Bouillon Seasoning
China (Mainland)Lanxi City

Zhejiang Wanshengda Industry Co., Ltd.

Playing Cards,jigsaw puzzle,Bridge Cards,Poker Cards,Puzzles
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Trading Company

Lanxi Ranxi Textile Factory

Bath towel,face towel,hand towel,compressed towel,reactive print beach towel
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer51 - 100 People2012-

Zhejiang Shenglu Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

Espresso Coffee Maker,Aluminium Coffee Maker,Moka Coffee Maker, Coffee Pot,Moka Coffee Pot
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer201 - 300 People2010-

Hong Wei Chemical Trade Company Lan Xi

Toilet Soap,Translucent Soap,Medical Soap,Stripe Soap,Present Soap,Laundry Soap,Noodle Soap,Laundry Powder,Shampoo,Cream Bath,Sex Soap
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer51 - 100 People-US$50 Million - US$100 Million

Jinhua Weihai Food Co., Ltd.

Hahal Seasoning,Bouillon Cube,Bouillon Powder ,Savory Flavory,Granulated Bouillon Seasoning
China (Mainland)Lanxi City
Manufacturer101 - 200 People2006-

Lanxi Ruihe Artificial Diamond Co., Ltd.

swimming goggles, swimming caps,nose clips,earplug,diving masks
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi city
Manufacturer301 - 500 People2006US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Lanxi Oukai Import and Export Co., Ltd.

denim fabric,jean fabric,cotton fabric,garment fabric,denim jeans fabric
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLANXI CITY
Trading Company101 - 200 People2012US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

Lanxi Sanxin Glue To Match Co., Ltd.

Caproic Acid,Caprylic Acid,Capric Acid,C6 Acid,C8 Acid
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer11 - 50 People2007US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Zhejiang Jiasheng LED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED cornlight, LED 78 tube
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer101 - 200 People2008-

Lanxi Source Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

led tube, led bulb, led spotlight, led streetlight
South AfricaZhejiang Province, ChinaLanxi City
Manufacturer11 - 50 People--

Lanxi City Redsun Towel Factory

towel, beach towel, bath towel, kitchen towel, cotton towel, cake towel, bathrobe, home textile  
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer51 - 100 People2007 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

Lanxi Yema Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd.

helmets, DOT helmets, ECE helmets, ATV helmets, full face helmets, open face helmets, kid's helmets, Motorcycle helmets, scooter helmets, motocross helmets, ABS helmets, off road helmets, safety helmets  
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer101 - 500 People2005 US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Lanxi Shinemart Electric Co. Ltd. Hangzhou Office

ESl, mini krypton lamp, halogen lamp, PL lamp, LED lighting, solar lamp etc.
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Trading Company5 - 10 People-Below US$1 Million

Lanxi Yaoxin Trade Co., Ltd.

Auto parts, motorcycle accessories, mechanical and electrical products, plumbing devices and fittings, textiles, clothing, electronic product, chemical, ship products, agricultural products, medical products
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Trading Company
Buying Office
11 - 50 People2010 US$50 Million - US$100 Million

Zhejiang Landon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Trailer, Camping Trailer, Box trailer, Cage trailer, Tandem Trailer
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer101 - 500 People2011 US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Zhejiang Yunshan Printing And Dyeing Co., Ltd.

After-dyeing operation of pure cotton, pure cotton stretch, hemp, hemp cotton, dope printing of knitting
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi city
Manufacturer101 - 500 People1993 US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

Lanxi City Xiesheng Chain Co., Ltd.

Motorcycle chain, transmission chain transmission chain, industrial chain, mechanical chain, roller chain, 415, 415h, 420, 420h, 428, 428h, 520, 530, 630
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer-2010 -

Lanxi City Huaxin Hardware Manufactory Co., Ltd.

hardware tool, garden tool, daily necessity, bar tool, door stopper, hardware tool, daily necessity, Stainless steel chopsticks box, Chopsticks box
China (Mainland)Zhejianglanxi city
Manufacturer101 - 500 People2008 -

Lanxi City Shengming Energy Saving Lamp Factory

Energy Saving Lamp, LED, Spiral energy-saving lamps, Lotus Energy Saving Lamp, U type energy saving lamp
China (Mainland)Zhejianglanxi city
Manufacturer51 - 100 People2008 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

Zhejiang Lanxi Shengmei Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

pipe wrench, hammer, hanger, screwdriver, hand tools, multifunctional pipe wrench, multifunctional hammer, multifunctional hanger
China (Mainland)Zhejianglanxi city
Trading Company
101 - 500 People2001 US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million

Lanxi Huifeng Commodity Co.,Ltd

Rain Coat, Food Cover, Work Wear, Sauna Suit, Sauna Belt
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer51 - 100 People-US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

Lanxi Qili Apparel Co., Ltd.

bathrobe, baby hooded towel, baby apparel, baby pyjamas, baby clothes
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer11 - 50 People2010 US$5 Million - US$10 Million

Lanxi Special Lamp Factory Branch 3

mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, infrared lamp
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanXi City
Manufacturer101 - 200 People1988US$10 Million - US$50 Million

Jiasheng LED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED indoor-outdoor spotlights, LED florescent tubes, LED bulbs, LED grid lamps, LED hanging lamps, LED street lamps
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Manufacturer101 - 500 People2008 -

Lanxi Taihua Bicycles Co., Ltd.

Bicycle, Kids' Bike, Adults' Bike, Folding Bike, MTB Bike, BMX Bike, Suspension Bike, Bicycle Spare Part, City bike, Bike, Mountain bicycle, City Bike, Cruiser, Tranditional bicycle, Lady Bike
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi city
Trading Company
51 - 100 People2008 -

Yatai Cookware Co., Ltd.

cookware set, frying pan, sauce pan, milk pan, wok
China (Mainland)Zhejianglanxi city
Manufacturer101 - 500 People2007 -

Zhejiang Zhuoqun Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

door,security door,security steel door
China (Mainland)ZhejiangLanxi City
Trading Company
101 - 500 People2009 US$50 Million - US$100 Million

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